Black Lives Still Matter. Police Reform and Accountability. Scenes From The Neighborhood.

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Elijah McClain
This needs to stop. Justice for Elijah.
Elijah played his violin for cats waiting to be adopted on his breaks.

These are more images I’ve captured around Beverly Hills and Hollywood since my one of my previous blogs.

The officers have still not be arrested or charged-they shot Breonna 8 times while she was home in her own bed.
I found myself in the middle of the tail end of a peaceful protest so I joined in the chants from my car. No racist police.

My heart is heavy with each of these killings, as a human being as a black Mom of a daughter and son – we must fight on in the midst of living life for police reform, defunding, whatever needs to be done – it’s beyond time. Beyond the hashtags, slogans and definitely beyond what we are not asking for (Black Lives Matter streets, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben getting removed from product, realtors removing term “master” bedroom, non black actors stepping down from voicing black animated characters..) we need an end to systemic racism and police brutality.

Becoming Anti-Racist.

A couple of updates: The 3 men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery have been charged with murder.

In the George Floyd case charges have been filed against the officers. Two are out on bail..

Minneapolis police ban chokeholds due to public pressure. The AP

One officer fired in the murder of Breonna Taylor – no arrests have been made. CNN

Baby steps – with a long way to go.