Jody Watley. Winter Nights and Spring.

Jody Watley Winter Nights Cover Art Final

When releasing ‘Winter Nights’ in February my goal was to release a series of seasonal EP’s – with ‘Spring’ on the horizon. Now with the self quarantine my plans will have to adjust to the circumstances of not being able to get into the studio for the full recordings.

“Winter Nights” is as Albumism said “Jody Watley has delivered another dose of sophisticated soul..” is available at all platforms (Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc).

The limited edition digi-paks had come in and I was excited to make them available at my concerts in the Jody Watley pop-up tables – that will have to wait. Online is hold hold as well as shipping wouldn’t be an essential outing under this self quarantine for the merchandise team.

JodyWatley-Winter Nights EP

Ironically, I’d just finished a song called ‘The Healing.’ ┬áThe song is perfect for where we’ve all found ourselves. Contemplating if putting ‘Spring’ on hold would be the way to go, the feeling is that the message is one that some may find inspirational in some way, especially now. With that ‘The Healing’ will precede the EP – it’s timely and necessary with a thumping remix from RedTop. Stay tuned.


In the meantime —