Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded. Springing Forward.

We’re looking forward to B.B. Kings in New York this weekend. We dropped a teaser social media clip for our forthcoming new single O.R.I.G.IN.A.L coming May 6. On the travel front we headed to Lafayette, Louisiana for the Southwest Black Rodeo March 19 and had another enjoyable time with each other and all of the southern hospitality. Onward!



It’s not an official Jody Watley and  Shalamar Reloaded day unless we pause for one of our selfies! This was after rehearsal on a warm spring day in North Hollywood.


Jody Watley – cowgirl vibes. Lafayette, Louisiana at soundcheck Cajundome.


We put in work, and can rock any concert anywhere anytime – with style and flair. Shalamar Reloaded.


Ready for the concert. Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded (Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy). Southwest Black Rodeo, Real Cowboys Association March 19, 2016. Cajundome.


New in the boutique – Shalamar Reloaded T. 


Tickets to BB Kings: Here