Thought of The Day. Bricks To Success


This continues to be a running undercurrent theme in my life journey. It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond, rebound or simply keep it pushing forward. Never being discouraged for long – just keep on keeping on.

I was reminded of this on my trip to Louisiana for the Real Cowboys Association National Black Rodeo Finals this weekend. The promoter let me know someone behind the scenes had been badmouthing me – without naming names. They were encouraging him to not book me, not to book the new Shalamar  in favor of another artist – how much trouble I’d be..such a ‘bitch’ to work with, a diva..immediately my people and I knew where this probably came from an association to someone from my past or someone who represents them. That’s the level of people they’re with. This is a shady business full of people throwing bricks at any given time, just for someone out here as I wrote – just living my life. This is to anyone who may be in a similar situation at your job. Hang in there.  As hard as you’re working, you never know when someone else is working just as hard for another not to succeed. Imagine that – someone attempting to block another’s blessings with lies – again. I’m a woman with standards, a total professional – some will always resent that.  Initially I was going to keep this to myself. but it’s important for me to convey the things that go on behind the scenes and some of the obstacles I face just being me; as well as a cautionary tale for other women in business.

The  promoter was so delighted that he’d trusted his own instincts and not listened – he said he wanted to see for himself. That he did.

The result – “You’re nothing like they said you’d be..I just love you girl..this has been one of my best experiences with any artist and can’t wait to work with you and the guys again!”

And the world keeps on spinning. If something is truly for you – no one can take that away..hard as they might try.

Thank God and the universe for another lesson and opportunity.

May the obstacles and bricks lead to more stepping stones to success.

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