Jody Watley and Shalamar New Video and Spectra Music Group Announcement



Photography Viktoria Pashuta. Design: Ray Easmon and Jody Watley

While other people run their your business..I always think of that quote. The road less traveled..

Life isn’t meant to be lived by committee. The journey of life and business has many twists, turns and lessons – stay open on the path is what I always believe. Listen to the universe, follow your instincts. Sometimes opportunities and new beginnings come in unexpected ways…especially ones we may not be looking for. For me..this began when others were misappropriating my image and  likeness to their gain, while seeking to mislead – however it’s clear the universe had it’s own plans. Being a business woman simply trying to protect myself from those seeking to damage, mislead and even bizarrely – erase and diminish — creating this cause and effect. But it’s obvious – this is all intended.

There is one Shalamar of today, not decades ago — this era with a legally registered trademark, of which I am the owner and we are it like it or not – believe that; Jody Watley, Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy. Despite efforts by a few to try undermine, sabotage, intimidate, and slander my name  – we will continue to work hard and remain humble – creating a quality new foundation as we have begun in music, live entertainment, dance and style. That is something always associated with me. The past will always be there to look back on..just don’t get stuck there as life and business continue to move on.

That we caught the attention of Spectra with our efforts, I see as another blessing – a gift that was meant to be..the universe is always evolving and speaking if we are paying attention.

Directed by Damien Sandoval, who believed so much in this song and us –  wanting to give it the video it deserved with aerials by Garrett Backstrom is also so special. His agent Martin Davis who was so diligent over the years in wanting to connect me with one of his directors because he believed and has such respect for what I’ve done and doing. Everyone on this project, hair and makeup Tre Major who’s wanted to work with me for decades..Jessie J Collections who helped styled the guys..there’s a passion, unity and organic authenticity that’s all through this video. It’s love. The result is the epic new Shalamar video “SlowDance’ now LIVE. Spectra Music Group welcomes Shalamar: Here

My “PARADISE” collection will also being getting a re-release if anyone is wondering where it went..details to come!


God is good and I’m so grateful.