In Remembrance September 11. 13 Years On.



A moment of pause -Thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by this day, Sept. 11 – 13 years ago in 2001; to the families, loved ones, friends left behind – to the first responders, citizens who tried to help and suffer the effects and to the innocent victims of this horrific day in American history.

I’ll never forget it – watching television making breakfast that morning for my son and getting him ready for school. 13 years on – my son is now a college student in New York.
My daughter was in her sophomore year in NYC for college in 2001 – her dorm two blocks or so from the was hours before I knew she was safe, there were restaurants, cafes inside. All phone lines were jammed or down – panic then prayer. It was an extremely emotional and difficult experience for her to be there and see it all, to see families posting pictures of missing loved ones.. she came back to LA, petrified to fly (an understatement) for a while and took time off before returning to college. To day this day as someone who travels and flies because of my job in entertainment is a fear I’ve had to learn to deal with and face. Healing prayers to all. Peace on earth. Love in place of hatred.

Jody Watley. My Week. Life and Paradise

Scenes from the hospital with my Mom. The beautiful ladies posing with me lower right and left were huge fans of mine and nearly in tears to meet me and let me know who much I meant to them.

Scenes from the hospital with my Mom. The beautiful ladies posing with me lower right and left were huge fans of mine and nearly in tears to meet me and let me know who much I meant to them.

“Life is what happens, while you’re busy making other plans.”

I’ve spent this week more focused on being present and available for my Mom who had surgery (as I shared on Facebook/JodyWatleyOfficial).

Throughout this experience it’s a reminder of course of the things that matter in life such as good health and family to be there in time of need. I’ve met some really nice people, staff and those in support of their loved ones who were having surgery. One lady had a son having brain surgery due to cancer. She has 44 grandchildren and most of them were there to support, which was a beautiful thing to see. I choked up looking at the parents comforting their little ones, who were scheduled or had had surgery. It made me reflect of being so grateful that neither my daughter or son had ever experienced any major medical issues. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. Tears came to my eyes as one Mom caressed her son’s hair who appeared to be no older than 3, as he waited for his surgery. Being who I am, and being really low key – it was also very humbling to be greeted with so love and be reminded what my music means to people in their lives and how it’s inspired and motivated young ladies to be themselves and rock their own style with confidence.

In recovery now, my Mom’s progress will be slower than we thought. She made it out of the surgery which was huge – telling me with over 3,000 people praying for me, I had to make it. She was overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support.


Joan Rivers, Jody Watley, Melissa Rivers, Leon Hall

We’d talked about the legendary Joan Rivers before and were sad to hear that she’d passed. We’d both met her when I was a guest on The Joan Rivers Show and also the original Fashion Police – she was so nice and gracious to us and so funny through the years – what a trailblazer.



I took my mother  to a convalescent home yesterday for physical therapy and to help get her strong enough to walk. The first person we saw when arriving was another older woman whose legs had been amputated due to diabetes. Sobering.

Take care of yourselves – and never take your health for granted. Work out, stretch, eat well.


On a happier note, I enjoyed seeing a few more ‘PARADISE’ shares, the music always keeps me in a good mood.

Graphic Designer, Ray Easmon, United Kingdom (at Victoria and Albert Museum)

Graphic Designer, Ray Easmon – United Kingdom (at Victoria and Albert Museum)

Marco, United Kingdom

Photographer Marco, Cerrone – United Kingdom

Van, Louisiana

Van Roy of BAILEY’S in Marksville, Louisiana

Raph,  Australia

Raph, Australia


The fabulous Naycee Villarta, from NY

The fabulous Naycee Villarta, from NY

Rick, from St. Louis

Rick – St. Louis, MO


Mike from Atlanta, GA

Mike – Atlanta, GA

Lisa, from San Francisco

Lisa -Oakland, CA


John Eshaya, Los Angeles, CA – JET Boutique