Jody Watley. Nightlife. The Forthcoming Official Video

There are two lyric videos for “Nightlife” the first for the single edit, and then the Moto Blanco Remix, currently #14 Pop in The UK and one of the remixes propelling the single upward on the Billboard Hit Dance Club Play Chart.

Make-up artist Billy B and I collaborated on a first of it’s kind music video make-up tutorial, beauty photo session , watch the MakeUpMusitorial preview here

There are also quite a few fan made “Nightlife” videos to be found as well from various parts of the world.

At last we filmed the official video yesterday on the Sunset Strip and inside my favorite club on earth Bryan Rabin and Adam Xll present Giorgio’s – A Modern Discotheque.  I’ve been writing about Girogio’s here on sharing on Facebook and Twitter for months now and so it seem fitting and authentic to film there. Much like my classic “Friends” video it’s eclectic, stylish and full of friends and real people having a fabulous time – and of course there was a lot of ‘waacking’ going on and a special touch of classic iconography by the the attendance of actor and Andy Warhol star Joe Dallesando and renowned hair stylist Teddy Antolin, pictured in black and white photo below.

“Nightlife” the official video is directed by Steven Willis with make-up by Billy B. More details soon! Most everyone has graciously donated their time for this out of love.

© 2013 Jody Watley  Nightlife Video Shoot

© 2013 Jody Watley Nightlife Video Shoot

© 2013 Jody Watley, Nightlife Video Shoot

© 2013 Jody Watley, Nightlife Video Shoot

© 2013 Jody Watley Pictured Adam XII

© 2013 Jody Watley Pictured Adam XII


“NIGHTLIFE” is available at iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Traxsource and other select outlets: Original single edit, Extended Glamour EP and Nightlife Remixed.