NEW Video Post! Dance Rehearsal.

We’re off to Japan for concerts at Billboard Live in Tokyo and Osaka tomorrow – a trip my band and I always look forward to! I had fun with Rosero, Havic and new understudy Eric McCoy – son of Rosero. Eric told me before joining us onstage in Oakland he had been waiting to dance onstage with me since he was little and his Dad brought him to our show in Las Vegas. His revelation and quiet dream was priceless, very sweet and a joy to know that it had come to fruition as I had no idea! We’ve added a Shalamar medley to the show with some nice dance breaks. It’s always tricky when I’ve included Shalamar songs because the majority of Jody Watley fans still don’t connect with that part of my repertoire resulting in mild crickets – to this day people will say they never knew I was in a group. In the early days of my solo career I really went out of my way to establish myself as a separate and distinct entity – and succeeded. Because some of my upcoming new music has a soul disco funk vibe I’ve decided to try a new approach to  incorporating  a few Shalamar songs in the mix.

Rosero is currently very busy with Disney’s “Shake It Up” and other countless shows and artists as a choreographer as well as the perfectly chiseled John ‘Havic’ Gregory. Anytime they can be a part of the concerts is always extra special and we have a lot of fun with great chemistry on and off the stage.

Upcoming Concerts / Appearances:

BILLBOARD LIVE Tokyo – April 10-11, 2013

BILLBOARD LIVE Osaka – April 13, 2013

BROOKLYN BOWL, NY – April 19, 2013 –Special Guest with French Horn Rebellion

CHURCH, Los Angeles – April 27, 2013 –Special Guest with Mark de Clive Lowe

ESSENCE FEST  Mercedes Benz Superdome – July 6, 2013