Jody Watley Is Still A Thrill

I have always been reinventing myself…I like to challenge myself and keep it interesting. I like evolution. It is part of my journey as an artist. ~ Jody Watley, 2012, More Magazine
I cannot recall when I first heard Jody Watley’s music.  But I know that I’ve been a fan nearly all my life.  There’s something about Watley that’s always moved and fascinated me.  She’s a multi-talented, intelligent, knockout beauty who’s always been at the top of her game.  Whether it was dancing on Soul Train, being an original member of Shalamar, or being a solo artist, Watley has always stood out from the rest as a trailblazing, trendsetting phenom in music, video, style, fashion, and dance…, BuddahDesmond

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Photographer: Lauren Watley