Nightlife and Other Stuff.

October finds me in the studio finishing ‘Chameleon’ finally, preparing for Loving The Silent Tears coming October 27 to The Shrine Auditorium, working on my book projects and brainstorming strategic marketing for my forthcoming single ‘Nightlife’ with an eye on the full length release. This isn’t the cover, but one of many ideas from my art director collaborator Ray Easmon from the UK. The creative mood board of imaging and inspiration has evolved so many times. With music these days, it isn’t about commercial radio unless you’re geared to the teen market and a fairly new artist. Life-timers and established artists like myself have to be creative in not only reaching the longtime core fan base but niche-based audiences and outlets as well without a scandal, reality show or controversy to create the exposure.

We did well with ‘The Makeover’ (archived info can be found here on the page under Avitone and my Discography).  I’m looking for the right partner again in the marketing and strategic alliance. Making a video for ‘Nightlife’ and embracing the chic party style of the music is also something I’m looking forward to. I’ll be sharing more thoughts and musings on the project as well as getting thoughts from the fans over on my Facebook page.

Oh – and I was asked to be a presenter at this years Soul Train Awards – we’ll see if it happens. In this business, it’s real when you do it because other issues often get in the way.