HealthyStyle. Van Roy

A native of Louisiana, Van Roy and I have worked together for years and are dear friends. Both of us share a fondness for morning run/walks and always have enlightening conversations about life and surviving in a tough and unpredictable business.

I’ve been toying with the idea of featuring real people, recipes and other stories as a tool for inspiration for others who may be struggling with something be it weight loss, or just getting by day to day.

Van sent me this note a couple days ago and I asked if I could share – especially for those that have a weakness for potatoes.

Van has committed to losing weight and despite the occasional and normal setbacks – has lost 27 lbs in the past year, with an eye on 50 more to go. He has found that sticking to a morning routine is helpful (meditation, a nutritious breakfast, robust walk, etc) is key to keeping him on target for his goal. If you, like Van, are looking for healthy options and have a weakness for mashed potatoes – this might be a wonderful replacement or option.

“I have recently become a huge fan of cauliflower! I’ve been steaming it slightly, then mashing it as one would do potatoes… I swear it tastes liked mashed potatoes – comforting without all the carbs and starch… just a little olive oil and salt and pepper…”

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