Classic Style. Happy Birthday Sade



One of my favorite artists and bands. I first met Sade while I was member of Shalamar. We were both appearing on a popular music show in the UK called ‘The Tube.’ The band was unsigned at the time but you just knew they were going to be a smash hit.The two guys in Shalamar (Jeffrey Daniel and Howard Hewett) and most every other male on the set were tripping over themselves trying to flirt with the striking front woman.

Ms. Helen Folasade Adu was classic and mysterious in a fitted white knee length dress low-cut back, black leather gloves and of course the hair elegantly pulled back in what would become her signature ponytail and red lips.

Everyone in the band including Stuart Matthewman and Paul Denman were humble, gracious and kind. Ironically my daughter and Paul’s would end up attending the same elementary school in Los Angeles years later – and we’d see each other and have a chat picking the kids up or other school events.

The same can be said for them today; humble, gracious and kind – after millions of incredible and timeless records sold.

The ‘Sade World Tour 2011″ was breathtaking to experience and one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

A class act.

Happy Birthday Ms. Helen FolaSade Adu!