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In the past, an artist would send out tons of copies of promotional discs to have their album reviewed. We have not done that. This collection is all about the love, the word of mouth, the appreciators of artistry, the fans – it’s in the music! The QHBlend is one of my favorite music blogs with Quentin Harrison always shining as a true music writer who knows his subjects objectively really examining and listening to the music and covering those elements. Quentin understands music pop culture, artistic growth and never holding commercial peaks and valleys against or for his subjects – as it should be. Read his observations about “PARADISE”: Here


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Jody Watley. PARADISE Update. Love.

This collection is really for my longtime fans new and not so new. Organic – and totally about the music. A quality collection that comes to you with heart, soul, the spirit of celebrating life, friends, good times and the sanctuary of home. The exclusive CD, features a surprise unlisted extra song “Everlasting.” Keep in mind that not only am I an artist, songwriter, producer, publisher, online boutique owner, trademark owner of Shalamar; add independent distributed label owner since 1995 for my Avitone imprint with a mantra of “Fueling Quality Music.”  How’s that for female empowerment?!


“I am so excited that this arrived today!! Can’t wait to bump it in my car, like I’ve been non-stop listening to my digital copy on my phone! Thank you for the great music and for signing the CD…it’s so awesome!” – Marcos Hand

Shared by Marcos Hand via Facebook.

Shared by Marcos Hand via Facebook.

“I’m loving PARADISE Jody! living in Las Vegas we have our share of all nighters, THE DAWN is destined to become the theme song for our city. I’ll send Mayor Goodman a note…” – Paul Lessick

Via Paul Lessick / Facebook

Via Paul Lessick / Facebook

“What an awesome thing to come home to today. Thank you” – John Homer

Via John Homer / Facebook

Via John Homer / Facebook

“Thanks Jody! It arrived today. I’ve posted to my wall and told people to check it out!” xo – Hillery Rink

Via Hillery Rink / Facebook

Via Hillery Rink / Facebook

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“Thank you Jody for signing the Nightlife bundles for Keith and Jazzmun – we had a nice celebration for Keith’s birthday and Jazzmun is living for the JW hoops!” -David Kahauolopua


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Jody Watley. Paradise on Eurweb.



Lee Bailey has always been a consistent supporter of my music and career, dating back to when I was a member of Shalamar, and he had a popular segment that played on stations across the country “Lee Bailey’s Radioscope.” He was one of the first to interview me when my solo debut ‘Jody Watley’ was released in 1987. I’m very thankful for his continued support of my music, perseverance and artistry. #itsinthemusic

Jody Watley takes you to Paradise on her glamorous and funky new album, read the rest on Eurweb: Here


Jody Watley. Paradise Is Here.

Design: Ray Easmon and Jody Watley

Design: Ray Easmon and Jody Watley

“Paradise” ranks among Jody Watley’s best work. Filled with upbeat disco bangers and exquisite chilled house vibes, this album is simply drenched with hot summer grooves that will get your party started with a bang!” -ishtalk

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Jody Watley. Paradise. Classic Albums and Quality over Quantity


My approach to the making of “Paradise” has always been inspired and rooted in what I consider one of the greatest era’s of music – the 70’s and early 80’s. Many of these songs have been tested and performed live before finalizing the recording process. There are live instruments, bass, guitar and live strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson  on the title song. We worked to find a balance of the live element with my love and profession over the 15 years of electronic, club and ambient sounds. It wasn’t uncommon for albums to have 7 songs or less (Issac Hayes classic “Hot Buttered Soul” had 4!) . “Shalamar’s” Big Fun  had 7 songs clocking in at just 37:07. It’s about quality not quantity, so technically the term EP is just a contemporary one, but for me this is a FULL CD. The trend of putting a lot of filler tracks to fill up an album is never something I’ve been agreeable to. In this era, I also feel the attention span of the listener no longer support a lot of songs on one project. Perhaps I’ll inspire other artists to reduce the number of ‘filler’ and go back to making stronger more streamline albums they way it was done in the golden age of music – which fits perfectly with today’s distractions.  None of my solo albums have ever had more than 10 and from start to finish my desire has always been to put my heart and soul into doing the best work for you the fans – and for me, to be proud of beyond a lifetime.