Thought of the Day. Other People’s Bitterness.


  • and no matter what – keep it moving, as my father used to say  “it’s not what others think about you – it’s what you think about yourself!”

Thought and Quote of The Day. Still Learning.


Always…never stop.

Thought of the Day. To The Open Minded.


Thought of The Day. Designer of Your Destiny


Although I totally believe there is one above us all – we ourselves must listen to instinct which is often the voice of the universe and God. The inner voice is to awaken us in various ways in our daily lives often moving us toward or away from something. In the end it is up to us individually to make things happen..nothing is going to fall of the sky and it’s important to listen to your life (I wrote about this in my song ‘Clouds’ from Midnight Lounge). Don’t miss your destiny – move yourself toward the life you want.

Thought of The Day. Perspective on Petty People.



Some people are always trying to reel others into nonsense because they may be bored, miserable, broke, lonely, insecure, threatened by another’s success or another person simply choosing to boldly live life on their own terms and on and on. Regardless of other’s expectations or desires we must all push forward and drown out the noise. That type of pettiness is a reflection of their own reality. With that in mind – here’s a  reminder for you and me!

Thought of The Day. Be Your Own Story.

This excerpt from Toni Morrison really resonated with me, it’s great food for thought. Live your life – set the tone and theme – change it when you feel like it. Don’t worry about other people’s expectations or opinions – we all have our own lives to live and shouldn’t waste time trying to conform what others think our journey should be about – because it may make them feel more comfortable.


Sao Paulo. Listen Live on WHUR. Jody Watley and SHALAMAR ® Reloaded Update

The trip to Sao Paulo was such a blast – the concert, the people, the food – everything but wifi was all good. Thank you to Jason Bralli and Espacos Das Americas, and AudioClub for the experience and opportunity.

A toast to another trip to remember. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy in Sao Paulo Brazil.

A toast to another trip to remember. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy in Sao Paulo Brazil. 6/132/2015

Listen LIVE today I’ll be on air WHUR-FM 3PM EST  talking about the upcoming concert at The Howard Theater with SHALAMAR ® , the new members Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy and of course PARADISE.

Up Next: with SHALAMAR ® Reloaded


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