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Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t waste energy comparing your life or journey to another’s. Take what you need for inspiration and discard what is not useful or motivating you as you move forward. That’s what I do. Be confident in your own shoes!


Photo: John Tyler Curtis

Jody Watley Loves The Nightlife. Dance Buzz.

Check out this review of the video and single for “Nightlife” on music blog Dance Buzz. The single became the 19th Jody Watley Top 20 Billboard Hot Dance Play Single, and achieved Top 10 chart status in the UK on Music Week’s Commercial Pop (#6)  and Urban Charts (#5). Here

Jody Watley Music News.

Photography: Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

“She’s one of the most prominent visionaries of her era, and one whose influence remains a key touchstone in contemporary pop music.” -Dean Van Nguyen, Wax Poetics Magazine 2014, Issue 57 Cover Story

Jody Watley set to be a part of a posthumous “Duets” album in the works for one of the  legendary voices of soul music, the late great Teddy Pendergrass.

“Paradise” is scheduled for a summer 2014 release, with another single “Dancer” scheduled for May. Check out what Watley has to say about her inspiration for the project: Here.   “Dancer”written and produced by Jody Watley and Italy’s Luminodisco will follow the UK Commercial Pop and Soul Top 10 and Billboard Hot  Dance Play Top 20 “Nightlife.” View Jody Watley Discography

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Jody Watley Nightlife Gets The Mashup Treatment.

Check out this new house infused mashup “Nightlife” vs Ben Pearce’s “What I Might Do” courtesy of Ray Easmon.

Also on the mashup front, Outkast’s Big Boi gives the Shalamar classic hit “A Night To Remember” a sexy twirl.


Jody Watley Update. Soul. It’s In The Music.


The Soulpersona classic soul remix of “Nightlife” is available at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other select digital outlets around the world. Make sure to add it to your collection. It’s been wonderful to hear so much Soul R&B here in the UK nearly everywhere I’ve gone from boutiques , restaurants and coffee bars – it’s so prevalent from 60′s classic Motown to 90′s R&B from artists like SWV, Aaliyah and more. There’s also no shortage of soul music from now – and I have heard my classic soul mix of “Nightlife” making me smile. It’s been nice to see music channels that play music video’s as well. The genre of soul has continued to take many forms over the years for each era and generation, though today more than ever it seems to have morphed into the EDM craze. What ever happened to diversity of sounds – where did the soul go? It’s there – you just have to look harder and as many do fall back to your favorites I suppose.

In America, it’s a shame that music and artistry are more flavor of the moment and not so much the vast longterm respect and appreciation of artists – they never stop playing ‘the music just as if it’s right now, not a part of a ‘Hits of the..” pick an era.  Being on this Legends of Soul Tour has reinvigorated my own appreciation of the genre and the artistry, the stories behind the music, the longevity, the survival.

What’s next will be another single and video before “Paradise” – right now the consensus is it will be titled “Dancer,” another soulful club tune full of attitude, funky beat and a percolating rhythm guitar written and produced by Luminodisco from Italy and myself. Teaser snippet will be posted soon as we evaluate the remixers for the song. Dance music doesn’t have to be soulless -it didn’t use to be.


Jody Watley’s Nightlife Added to Club Abercrombie and Fitch.


Jody Watley and ‘NIGHTLIFE’ receive further exposure to a younger demographic as the original mix is currently added to the members only program of retailer Abercrombie & Fitch as a download for a limited time via special music license from Avitone, the single has also been added to Mood Media, so you just may just hear “NIGHTLIFE”  in-store while out and about shopping or traveling.

Jody Watley. From The United Kingdom With Love.

I’m in the UK at the moment, having arrived a few days ago preparing for the start of the David Gest Presents Legends of Soul Tour which includes fellow Aquarian Dennis Edwards of The Temptations. Listening to him at soundcheck and rehearsal was a great reminder of my junior high days when music artists were so soulful and diverse. I’m a longtime fan of the Temptations and to meet many of these artists, though I’m a seasoned veteran myself — is like being the baby of the bunch, I am never jaded in these moments – being in the moment. I respect everyone’s continued journey in this crazy business.  Life can really be a trip, you just never know where you’ll end up and who you’ll meet along the way – until you just keep believing and persevering toward your goals and dreams. Always remembering it’s the journey not necessarily the destination. Kudos to everyone out here in life believing and doing.  Here’s a capture of me before it started raining heavily with gusty winds which turned my umbrella inside out – it reminded me of being in Chicago!  Keep track of the dates: Here

© 2014 Jody Watley

© 2014 Jody Watley at seaside resort town Bognor Regis, before a heavy wind and rainfall.

Jody Watley Covers Rihanna’s Stay. Live Soundcheck Video Tokyo.

I always seek to find ways to bring elements of surprise to my concerts on every level from arrangements of songs, set lists,visuals and so forth. I love the song ‘Stay’ which was recorded by Rihanna with Mikky Ekko. For the new series of concerts ‘Stay’ felt like a nice transition piece emotionally to lead into my classic ballad of longing – ‘Everything.’

Jody Watley. My Grammy Moment on Billboard




My career has evolved and continued as an artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.  I’ve endured many challenges and obstacles while holding on to being as true to myself and as authentic as I can be — not easy in this industry. As I’ve always said, I never wanted to be stuck in a box, the pop box or machinery of the industry to maintain a certain level of ultra commercial appeal. My influence continues as reflected in my bio and the range in genres reflected from my discography..winning the Best New Artist Grammy has always seemed to be a controversial, maligned and marginalized by some – for me it remains a blessing an unlikely achievement that I remain proud of and thrilled to have received some of what it meant to me at the time: Billboard

Jody Watley. Nightlife Classic Soul Mix Now at iTunes.


The ‘Nightlife; Soulpersona Classic Soul featuring Gerald Brown (another Shalamar original), is one of the mixed that helped propel “Nightlife” to Top 5 Urban in the UK – it’s finally at iTunes after popular demand! Get it!