Jody Watley and A Rebooted Shalamar Come to Cache Creek Casino.



Jody Watley Photographed by Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley Photographed by Albert Sanchez

In an interview with writer / author Ernest Hardy:

“The past is to be celebrated, of course, but it’s mainly there for us to build on. We’re not meant to get stuck in it,” says Jody Watley about her own rich artistic legacy. In the show & prove style that fans have admired for over three decades, the Grammy-winning hyphenate (singer / songwriter / producer / businesswoman / OG fashionista) is pulling out all the stops in support of her retro-futuristic new album PARADISE. Upcoming tour dates will not only feature inspired overhauls of classic hits and fan favorites, but will showcase the diva’s current creative streak with selections from Paradise – a state-of-now dance-floor scorcher whose lush, upbeat, soulful production and life affirming lyrics are steeped in classic disco/R&B aesthetics (think Chic, Change, Barry White, Larry Levan) while being firmly rooted in the here and now. (The fierce, beat-heavy MdCL remix of “Tonight’s the Night” is the future soundtrack of runways, drag balls and dance-floors alike.) Of the collection’s taut seven tracks she observes, “Long albums, to me, are out of step with the times. Many classic albums of the 80’s had as few as six songs. Isaac Hayes’ Hot Buttered Soul had four, though they were all ten minutes or more. It was really about the quality, and as always that’s where I’m coming from.”
Quality defines Ms. Watley’s multi-media empire, which includes her record label, music publishing company, several TV production deals currently in the pipeline – and ownership of the Shalamar trademark. Being at the helm of the Shalamar brand allows her to give fans what they’ve been clamoring for since she left the iconic R&B/pop trio. Shalamar was formed in 1977 as a vocal dance trio by Don Cornelius of the Soul Train television show and shortly became a top group with soulful disco sounds. She’s rebooting some of their songs as part of her new set-list, fusing the group’s patented sound (rich harmonies, soulful melodies, funky musical beds and high style) with her penchant for current sounds and underground club movements. Longtime fans will especially appreciate that she’ll be teaming up with Gerald Brown, Shalamar’s original lead male vocalist, for the makeover. (That’s his powerhouse voice on the group’s first hit “Take that to the Bank.”)  “This won’t be some oldies revue, though, where we holler out do you remember this?” she laughs. “What we’re doing is about the here and now, about fresh sounds and positive energy. The songs will be classic favorites like ‘Take That to the Bank,’ ‘The Second Time Around,’ and ‘A Night To Remember,’ recent global hit single “Nightlife’ fused with some of the Jody Watley catalogue – but the vision is definitely forward. A show to remember.

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Look for dates to be announced soon for Japan’s Billboard Live to close out 2014!

Paradise Reviewed on The QHBlend Where Music Lives.



In the past, an artist would send out tons of copies of promotional discs to have their album reviewed. We have not done that. This collection is all about the love, the word of mouth, the appreciators of artistry, the fans – it’s in the music! The QHBlend is one of my favorite music blogs with Quentin Harrison always shining as a true music writer who knows his subjects objectively really examining and listening to the music and covering those elements. Quentin understands music pop culture, artistic growth and never holding commercial peaks and valleys against or for his subjects – as it should be. Read his observations about “PARADISE”: Here


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Jody Watley Paradise Extended Visuals.

For what I lack in controversy or gossip headline worthiness (thankfully), it’s more than enough for me to just be about quality music, class and artistry – still. Thank you to all who appreciate, support and understand “It’s In The Music!”

PARADISE. Get your copy today!

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PARADISE Visuals Produced and Designed by Ray Easmon

The title song “Paradise” written by Jody Watley and Mark De Clive-Lowe. Live Strings Performed and Arranged by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson


Jody Watley. Paradise. Classic Albums and Quality over Quantity


My approach to the making of “Paradise” has always been inspired and rooted in what I consider one of the greatest era’s of music – the 70’s and early 80’s. Many of these songs have been tested and performed live before finalizing the recording process. There are live instruments, bass, guitar and live strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson  on the title song. We worked to find a balance of the live element with my love and profession over the 15 years of electronic, club and ambient sounds. It wasn’t uncommon for albums to have 7 songs or less (Issac Hayes classic “Hot Buttered Soul” had 4!) . “Shalamar’s” Big Fun  had 7 songs clocking in at just 37:07. It’s about quality not quantity, so technically the term EP is just a contemporary one, but for me this is a FULL CD. The trend of putting a lot of filler tracks to fill up an album is never something I’ve been agreeable to. In this era, I also feel the attention span of the listener no longer support a lot of songs on one project. Perhaps I’ll inspire other artists to reduce the number of ‘filler’ and go back to making stronger more streamline albums they way it was done in the golden age of music – which fits perfectly with today’s distractions.  None of my solo albums have ever had more than 10 and from start to finish my desire has always been to put my heart and soul into doing the best work for you the fans – and for me, to be proud of beyond a lifetime.


Jody Watley Sits Down For Lunch With Kathy Sledge.

Kathy Sledge and I first met as teenagers decades ago when we did shows together in our respective groups Shalamar and Sister Sledge. We shared some laughs and talked business, family, life.

© 2014 Jody Watley. JJody Watley with Kathy Sledge in Los Angeles.

© 2014 Jody Watley. JJody Watley with Kathy Sledge in Los Angeles.

Jody Watley. Wednesday Wattage. Shalamar Medley Live In Concert

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Here’s the latest upload, a snippet of my Shalamar medley. It’s been easier incorporate that part of my repertoire since releasing “Nightlife” which has a disco soul vibe. My repertoire spans so many genres making the concerts an eclectic musical journey.


Thank you to Ray Easmon for the post production, film noir!