It’s In The Music with Paradise.

I can’t think of another collection of music, where there’s this type of organic and very fan-centric organic approach – with a sense of community sharing an exclusive item like ‘PARADISE.’ I look at it like a piece of art, as time goes on not everyone will be able to say and show this – much like works of art. This isn’t about press or gossip – just the music, the love, the glamour, the message. What a concept! Celebrate life, love, friends, family, home and music.

“Returned from vacation with a signed copy of “Paradise” waiting for me. Thanks, Ms. Watley! Loving the album! #ItsInTheMusic” – Michael Litherland


Via Michael Litherland, Facebook

“Sunday PARADISE in my SANCTUARY. And with LOVE from none other than Ms Jody Watley! Yeah, yeah, yeah! #itsinthemusic #Paradise #JodyWatley” – Greg Macareg, Facebook

Via Greg M

Via Greg Macareg, Facebook

“SO EXCITED!!!!!! I get home from work and this is waiting for me…..Thank you Jody Watley. I am loving the track “Everlasting.” Everyone make sure you check out the latest EP from Jody Watley “Paradise”  — Desi Arnaz, Facebook

Via Desi Arnaz, Facebook

Via Desi Arnaz, Facebook

WOW! This made my weekend! Love the shirt, and Love #paradise, already downloaded on iTunes, but it’s a must to get a hard copy! your autograph is extra special! just like the earring from Essence show. Jody you are the best, keep give us the best you got, need more like you… Jody Watley

Donn Peabody, Facebook

Donn Peabody, Facebook


“I can’t think of a better way to start my Sunday?! Thank you always Ms. Jody Watley…your the best!!! #paradise #sanctuary” – Lupe Ortiz, Facebook

Lupe Ortiz, Facebook

Lupe Ortiz, Facebook

Jody Watley. PARADISE Update. Love.

This collection is really for my longtime fans new and not so new. Organic – and totally about the music. A quality collection that comes to you with heart, soul, the spirit of celebrating life, friends, good times and the sanctuary of home. The exclusive CD, features a surprise unlisted extra song “Everlasting.” Keep in mind that not only am I an artist, songwriter, producer, publisher, online boutique owner, trademark owner of Shalamar; add independent distributed label owner since 1995 for my Avitone imprint with a mantra of “Fueling Quality Music.”  How’s that for female empowerment?!


“I am so excited that this arrived today!! Can’t wait to bump it in my car, like I’ve been non-stop listening to my digital copy on my phone! Thank you for the great music and for signing the CD…it’s so awesome!” – Marcos Hand

Shared by Marcos Hand via Facebook.

Shared by Marcos Hand via Facebook.

“I’m loving PARADISE Jody! living in Las Vegas we have our share of all nighters, THE DAWN is destined to become the theme song for our city. I’ll send Mayor Goodman a note…” – Paul Lessick

Via Paul Lessick / Facebook

Via Paul Lessick / Facebook

“What an awesome thing to come home to today. Thank you” – John Homer

Via John Homer / Facebook

Via John Homer / Facebook

“Thanks Jody! It arrived today. I’ve posted to my wall and told people to check it out!” xo – Hillery Rink

Via Hillery Rink / Facebook

Via Hillery Rink / Facebook

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“Thank you Jody for signing the Nightlife bundles for Keith and Jazzmun – we had a nice celebration for Keith’s birthday and Jazzmun is living for the JW hoops!” -David Kahauolopua


Also available at iTunes, Amazon, GooglePay and other digital outlets worldwide.



#itsinthemusic #JodyWatley

Jody Watley Paradise Extended Visuals.

For what I lack in controversy or gossip headline worthiness (thankfully), it’s more than enough for me to just be about quality music, class and artistry – still. Thank you to all who appreciate, support and understand “It’s In The Music!”

PARADISE. Get your copy today!

Exclusive CD, featuring the unlisted bonus ‘Everlasting’ : Jody Watley Boutique

All Digital Outlets Including, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

PARADISE Visuals Produced and Designed by Ray Easmon

The title song “Paradise” written by Jody Watley and Mark De Clive-Lowe. Live Strings Performed and Arranged by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson


Jody Watley. Sanctuary.

I’ve written a lot of songs…this has vaulted into my personal Top 10 from “PARADISE.” I was really compelled to right a song like this – with very little focus on the importance of what atmosphere is created for our children and ourselves at home, family..set to a groove – like music I grew up being inspired by.


Pre-Order ‘PARADISE”

Pre-Order “PARADISE” on CD. Exclusive – Will not be sold in commercial retailers.