Jody Watley. Yoshi’s Oakland Days Away.

My band, dancers, crew and I are all looking forward to the concert this week. It’s a “Paradise” pre-release (we’ll have new Paradise merchandise and Nightlife vinyl among other items), celebrating the success of my single “Nightlife” which was Top 5 in the UK and Top 20 here in the U.S. Dance. The meet and greet (our chance to say hello face to face) and what will be a wonderful evening of music and love. The VIP Meet and Greet was sold out, but I’ve asked that they extend for a few more. A night to dress up or dress down, but you know I’m all about being fabulous. Take that outfit out from the back of your closet that you’ve been ‘waiting’ for the right occasion to wear – May 29, it’s your time, it will be good for your soul! What’s left of tickets: HERE 


Logo / Graphic Design Ray Easmon and Jody Watley

Logo / Graphic Design Ray Easmon and Jody Watley



Jody Watley. Thought of The Day.


Photo by Jody Watley. © 2014 Jody Watley

Photo by Jody Watley straight from my kitchen. © 2014 Jody Watley

This photo is from my kitchen. I’ve always tried to create a sanctuary of love in my home, flowers, candles, laughter, good food and good vibes. When my children were little, their friends would always say our place was so peaceful and later soothing as they became teens. There’s a song called “Sanctuary” on the forthcoming “Paradise.” A positive attitude makes every day better and enables us to hopefully exude something positive in the world, and if you have children or grandchildren it’s like paying it forward in this crazy often stressful world and our encounters with agitated people – remember your attitude is YOUR choice and what better place than to surround yourself with joy than home?

Jody Watley Mother’s Day Greetings 2014.

A Fabulous and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there, ROCK ON! Prayers of strength to children who have lost their Mom’s or Mom’s who have lost a child making today a difficult one. Wishing a wonderful day to all.

My Children – Loves of My Life.


My Mom.

Rose Watley. Photo © 2014 Jody Watley

Rose Watley. Photo © 2014 Jody Watley

Jody Watley Wants To Take Us To Paradise.



“Paradise is basically a party record created and inspired in classic soul dance records in many ways..a celebration of feel good music, with lyrics that make you feel like getting out, or turning up the volume in your car. Paradise is about living life and creating special moments today with music as the motivator, the backdrop. I’m very much about that – to remind people of that. There’s enough time to worry and other heavy things. In these songs I want everyone to feel an sense of escape and joy from beginning to end. Paradise is about the celebration of being alive and having a good time – especially for my core diehard fans who have been with me no matter what and no care that I’m older. They know I’m still fabulous and so are they!” – Jody Watley

‘Paradise’ – with co-production by Mark De-Clive Lowe, Count De Money, Soulpersona and Luminodisco.


Jody Watley Monday Musings.


Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t waste energy comparing your life or journey to another’s. Take what you need for inspiration and discard what is not useful or motivating you as you move forward. That’s what I do. Be confident in your own shoes!


Photo: John Tyler Curtis

Jody Watley Pictures and Weekend Adventures on the Dance-floor.

“Music, never lets you down, puts a smile on your face anytime anyplace.. makes you happy again –Everybody Dance..Clap your Hands, Clap Your Hands!” – CHIC


Jody Watley with shoe designer and fellow Giorgio's funkster Jerome C. Rousseau. Photo: © 2014  Jody Watley

Jody Watley with shoe designer and fellow Giorgio’s funkster Jerome C. Rousseau. Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley

With my favorite dance partner Christos Garkinos!

With my favorite dance partner Christos Garkinos –  first Saturday of Spring – Pop of Color!

With Los Angeles based designer and Dita Von Teese compadre Eddie DeBarr

With Los Angeles based designer stylist and Dita Von Teese partner in style Eddie DeBarr.

I borrowed Eddie's hat. © 2014 Jody Watley

I borrowed Eddie’s hat. © 2014 Jody Watley